Cold Trail — Samurai Footwear

In case you missed it, here’s one more reason why I love historical fiction and the work of Katherine M. Lawrence. Where else would we consider the design much less the significance of Samurai snow boots? Wonders never cease to amaze…

Katherine M. Lawrence

100_6006fukagatsuSnowboots Writing historic fiction can be smooth and yet not. When the wind is in our metaphoric sails, we can dash out thousands of words until we come to a hiccup. Tanith Lee spoke of this in an interview some years ago. She might write a hundred or two hundred pages . . . and then . . . in the plot of a story, a human becomes immortal! And she stops for six months to ponder what that would mean. (I believe she was speaking about her wonderful Flat Earth series.)

Recently, as I was working on the opening of the third young Yamabuki book, Cold Trail, as stopped when I had to address the problem: what would Yamabuki wear when she crosses the passes where there is snow? It is said a samurai of the 12th century wore fur boots made of bear skin and lined with silk…

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