“A” is for Awry

It’s Day 1 of the A to Z blog challenge and though I’ve written more than one thousand words in blogposts, the end effect was similar to a packet of crayons melted to a yo-yo string.

I’m off topic, nervous, void of any useful information, subject to waves of nausea and anxiety and for what?

There are hundreds of things I want to write about and they all seem beyond me today.

Today, I am beyond me.

12 Replies to ““A” is for Awry”

  1. Ha ha! Awry! Great word, Tonia! It fits nearly every dinner I prepare! After a recent paprikash dish in which I served rock hard dumplings, I was greeted with silence. So I said, “What should I do with them?” Mom said, “Take ’em to the poop yard.” (sewage disposal not fair from our house).I was so surprised that this came from my gentle mother that I nearly choked on my shock! I think the ghost of my dad momentarily jumped into her body! LOL.

  2. But you are still writing. I dreamed of participating in A-Z, and then reality hit. I feel very much beyond myself as well. We can be beyond together, and eventually it will come back around.

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