20 Replies to ““C” is for Cheep Thrills”

      1. Chickens have so much to offer. I walk into the teachers’ lounge and it like the cheerful cackling of the barnyard.

    1. Dear Dee-There is no redeeming value to this post, but one does get curious around barnyard fowl AND I am trying not to offend anyone else this week with my views on Indiana. Whoops! See, I’ve used up all my diplomacy for April. Going to be a rough month. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Look forward to your posts on your trip.

      1. Having spent time with chickens, I laughed at the video. Who says a post needs to be of redeeming value?! Diplomacy is over-rated. Can’t wait to see what you do for “D.”

  1. ha haha! Sure puts a new spin on Easter peeps .. I mean cheeps … I mean what an unexpected peek! Thanks for the laugh!

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