“H” is for Hostile

I was at Starbucks in Fort Bragg the other day, quietly chatting on the phone, when I felt someone staring at me. I looked up and around, and caught the eyes of a pair of crows. DSC_0023

One had found a Cheeto. He wouldn’t share. He wore the fat and happy look of a venture capitalist, the Cheeto stuck in his gob like medal of dumb luck.  


He is probably flaming orange or dead now.DSC_0026

His empty-beaked friend saw me watching, noting his penurious circumstances. What did I think of him? A life of worth. A moment of misfortune. 


He flew, winged away with caws and grumbling and a fair bit of giving me the feather. I understood. I don’t have a Cheeto either.


The wind blew h-a-r-d, so hard that the mist lapped at the cars and the buildings like a rough-tongued cat. The crow had trouble landing. 

He did it, wing first, then feet. A moment of consideration. A quick caw. The landing was hard. The Cheeto mattered little.

19 Replies to ““H” is for Hostile”

  1. Ah, Cheetos. What is it about them? I leave the bag in the store, because once I buy it and open it, it’s all over. No need to guess who would eat them all. Or fight over them, like your Bird Wars pair.

    Thanks for the smiles. Great photos.

  2. Cheeto deprivation is a serious condition. There’s just something wholesome about cheesy powder! Hahaha! I absolutely LOVE these photos! Especially the two in the middle, of the wing + barn and of the wing touching the roof! GREAT captures!

    I think crows are fascinating. I don’t love them, but I’m intrigued by them. I just read ‘Bellman & Black,’ by Diane Setterfield, in which rooks feature quite heavily. Fascinating read.

  3. This proves what had been hypothesized by the great minds of our time: It truly is NOT easy to be cheesy.

    (Glad I found you through the A to Z Challenge!)

    Eli @ Coach Daddy #1202

  4. Love your story here! That’s really funny about the Cheeto. I understand, I don’t like to share my Cheetos either! (just kidding…I always share). The orange against the deep black of the crow is really eye-catching. What a great camera-catch!
    Michele at Angels Bark

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