“J” is for Jell-O

If you know me, you know I love Jell-O–not as a food, but as an art medium. Turns out I’m not alone.

In the interests of keeping my post today short and to the point, I’ll share the work of Liz Hickok, an innovative artist who among other things, is known for her portraits of San Francisco made from Jell-O.

Liz Hickok with one of her images

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  1. No way! She doesn’t just paint with liquid Jell-O (my assumption) but instead *sculpts* it? Makes a three-dimensional landscape with it?

    I am left in astonishment and wonder. Because I, like, struggle to get the Jell-O out of the mold in one piece.

    1. Laura, I believe Jell-O has huge potential for art. Maybe, it will surpass Peeps one day in its popularity for kitsch-food-art. As an expert in how to unmold Jell-O (btw, a desert once so labor intensive it was reserved for the rich) owning a collection go Victorian gelatin molds. I recommend either a) soak the container for a few minutes in warm water or b) spray the mold lightly before use with a cooking spray. Thanks for reading and commenting too.

    1. Carryl, I thought about Jasmine as a topic instead and how I could write about the extraction of the essence from the flower in Egypt as I observed on my last trip, but then something said, “Wait! Not jasmine. Someone else is writing jasmine today.” Enjoyed you post. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. OK, I’m back for another look, and wow…she has a Palace of the Fine Arts! So cool!

    And I honestly didn’t know that jello can mold…as in grow mold! I learned this from her slideshow. Wow!

  3. I marvel at the mind of someone who looks at a bowl of jello and says, “I wonder if I can create a sculpture that will last.”
    ~Visiting from AtoZ

  4. Tonia,
    I never thought of jell-o as an art medium until recently when I made some marshmallow kabobs for my nieces with different flavors of jell-o. That was kind of cool. But this woman’s is REALLY an art form! I am back in the beginner’s group with spaghetti drying on paper! Thank you for sharing this interesting concept!

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