Nom de Plumage

It’s official: the turkey formerly known as “Steve” has been renamed. According to my husband, Steve,  and our neighbor (the talented woodworker and bon vivant, Odis) our tom turkey has taken a “Nom de Plumage” accepting the name Tristram Shandy. I suspect my husband is behind this.

So far, Tristram’s days are filled with aggravation and loathing. His total dislike of me is clear and has spread its contagion throughout the coop. Chickens who previously ate from my hand recoil at my presence, slop bucket aside. The ducks, who never imprinted on me in the first place, waddle in a fear in a slow speed panic not unlike someone running with his pants down around his ankles. I just refilled the gravity feeders and found myself surrounded by a bevy of panicking birds, the slaps of wings, the adornment of flying dung.


8 Replies to “Nom de Plumage”

  1. My favorite image is the ducks with pants down around their ankles! Poor Tristram! He’ll be reunited with his Lucy love! Love these kinds of posts–hectic and frenetic and yet somehow soothing, calming.

    1. I loved the pants around the ankles vision, too. So entertaining. Tristram Shandy may be what upset the apple cart, as far as your veteran residents are concerned. 😉

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