“J” is for JPEG, GIF, and PNG

It’s late, it’s midweek, and the post I’d planned to share on the use of different types of graphic images and social media has been shared so beautifully in this infographic (see yesterday’s topic for more on infographics) that I’ve decided instead to go and work on tomorrow’s post. Wishing you a good evening.


5 Replies to ““J” is for JPEG, GIF, and PNG”

  1. I’ve been saying GIF wrong; Me and about a gazillion other people. I never knew the differences in these files; I just always choose jpeg, when that is an option. Hm…

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting too. I’ve decided to go back to blogging what I was blogging before this challenge, but I’ll continue to address social media use, just not on a daily basis.

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