“K” is for Kaput

You know, sometimes you take two perfectly good things and and conceive something even better, but when the project is birthed you realize the result is far less attractive than you ever imagined.

Before starting the A to Z Blog Challenge, I was enjoying a perfectly good daily blogging discipline when I decided to combine it with the exploration of the pluses and minuses of social media use. While I love this topic and received some initial strong feedback, as time has passed, it’s become clear to me that writing about a meaningful minimum for social media use is stifling when done following the letters of the alphabet. That may sound particular or silly to others, but as someone who has been writing everyday since January 1, 2014, sticking with the discipline is about acknowledging the need for the joy and the flow, not the joyless and flawless.

old-car-traffic-accident-630x357People do the A to Z Blog Challenge for all kinds of different reasons. This is the third year I have completed the challenge (sometimes with more than one blog) but for some reason, the wheels have come off of this creative experience. Since this is NOT the purpose of the challenge, I’m redefining—call that “fine tuning”—and will be switching back to what I was doing before, blogging on a variety of topics which interest me. I will continue to write about social media and life balance, just not day after day following the letters of the alphabet.


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  1. GOOD for you, lady! It *is* about the joy! It’s gotta serve you, and if it’s oppressive, it ain’t fun. Looking forward to your joyfully redefined posts!

  2. No one will fault you for following your joy. I, for one, am glad you are throwing off the constraints. I look forward to hearing what you are learning, without wondering what topic will allow for good research of social media’s imoact that starts with a particular letter.

  3. Huzzah! There has to be joy otherwise what’s the point? Follow your writing bliss, my friend. I think you will find a lot of people walking the path alongside. Including me.

  4. I have never even completed the 500 Words challenge, so this is a big endeavor for me. I was looking through my list of remaining letters this morning and feeling a bit weary about getting through the second half. Do I have 14 more blog posts’ worth of ideas left? Still, I feel more determined to finish than I have with other writing tasks, so I will keep plugging away. All that to say, I respect you for being able to distinguish between what is and isn’t life-giving in your writing. Our writing is meant to give us joy; it shouldn’t take it away. Looking forward to reading whatever interests you:)

    1. Aimee, thanks. Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask you to come join some fellow My 500 folks in a women’s only blogging collective. We read for each other but each member is in control of how much or how little she reads. If you are looking for more community, this may well be your place. At least you can share blogs there and be assured of interested readers. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. This brought to mind a little song we used to sing in Vacation Bible School with a chorus of, “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy down in my heart to stay”, and that is what it should be about. Welcome back to the joy. Love the pic on this post.

    1. Thank you for the affirmation. I do very poorly when I am anything less than authentic and your reminder gives me good perspective. Thanks for commenting my friend.

  6. I woke this morning trying to figure out a “K” word to put an end to the blog challenge, and here you are! In your case, you DO already have the discipline (x1000), so good on ya for going back to writing what you want, when you want. I’ve enjoyed all of your posts about social media (look forward to the book) and I also enjoy the wide, creative variety of your other posts. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!

    1. Debbie, please send Damcat and Coco as I need fur pillows to lift my spirits. Somehow, writing from a place of pressure is just not my thing at all. I do better when it;s fun. Hope you are well. Btw, I hear Theft is on the move again. Hide your money!

  7. Some topics/themes are hard to come up things to write about to correspond with the letter of the day so to speak. I find myself when I do the A/Z challenge (this is my 4th one) that I go out of my usual things I would blog about and find some silly theme with usually pictures that seems to work; like this year’s is places in Arizona since we have only been here a year. One year I did things we saw in the short space where we took our dog to walk around the ocean area. Sometimes we get too bogged down finding letters to go with themes and then it becomes more stressful than the challenge already is.


  8. Feeling your Kaput, I am.

    I’ve had the same struggle with my A to Z theme “Elements of Romantic Comedy.” I will finish, but I’m thinking that some of my points are either forced or redundant. Like in other years, I’ve master-planned the points for each letter…and then later change my mind. Gah!

    Last year’s writing quotations, woven around a letter of the alphabet, was easier and had more universal appeal.

    1. I like your series and can’t imagine doing as well as you do. It seems like there is less exchange this year though I’ve met some nice new people. Thanks for commenting.

      1. A LOT less exchange this year! I thought it was because of my topic! 🙂

        As the A to Z extends its reach, has it become lass chummy? There’s a social media question for you, and something we’ve experienced. When is too big simply too big for interaction?

  9. You really have to be careful when picking a theme for A-Z. Pick the wrong theme and you are stuck blogging about things that make you unhappy. Pick the right theme and you could blog A-Z for months and months on end (even when it’s long over). 🙂 Glad you realized you were unhappy and ready for a switch. Hopefully the rest of A-Z will go a lot smoother for you.

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