This short, simple movie was shot with my iPhone 4 on my mom’s last birthday on April 3, 2012.

Roughly two months later she was gone.

I found this little film soon after she died and scoured it just to see her once more. The evanescent quality, strange light and slow motion effect remind me how it all vanished so fast, how I loved her so much, and how much love and laughter we shared in the last years of her life.

Mom, I hope you are having a great time in heaven. I wonder if you are–as Fr. Warwick predicted at your funeral–giving God a run for his money.

I imagine the “snowflakes” in your lungs are all gone now.

Thank you for all the butterflies you told me you would sent as as sign you are okay. I see them everywhere, especially, the swallowtails.

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  1. I love this more every time I watch it. I love the wry, warning look she gives the candles after she’s extinguished them. I love the small smile she flashes you/camera as she looks down and away. What a lovely, small gift.

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