Wordy Wednesday: Crepuscular

Crepuscular has two meanings:

  1. Of or resembling twilight; dim.
  2. (zoology) Active at or around dusk, dawn or twilight.

It’s a great word, one most often associated with natural sciences and comes from the Latin word crepusculum meaning “twilight” The term is not precise in that some animals are active at dawn (matutinal), and others at dusk (vespertine), and some at both times.



One Reply to “Wordy Wednesday: Crepuscular”

  1. It’s a fascinating word. I’ve always mentally associated it with capillaries and muscles, and secondarily the word excremental somehow connects.

    Isn’t that weird? So goes my free associative mind. Now vespertine…that’s a word I like… 🙂

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