Guest Post: Sorosis: Women’s Clubs & Jell-O Salad

Today, I’m sharing this post from my friend Whitney Olson. Whitney is a remarkably interesting and talented woman who has finally turned her attention to the world of blogging. Her love and knowledge of history frequently impresses me. I love how she combines the present with the past, reminding me of the unbroken connection we have with our forbearers if we will only stop and take a look. I hope you enjoy this post, and if you have a chance, please leave her a comment.

Sorosis: Women’s Clubs & Jell-O Salad by Whitney Olson.


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  1. It’s a great post! Thanks for sharing it here! And that jello salad…mmmm…it looks so sweet and flavorful and delicious…! (Oops, my Indiana Baptist is showing.)

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