Surreal of Approval

This is a photo.


I took it one day on the water. It was on a Saturday morning or Sunday when I was sipping coffee and and watching the concentric circles expanding on the water, not knowing if they came from a diving bird, or something else.


And then, it broke the surface, or should I say, came through a portal and explored the marina wondering where it had landed. It was like that, it really was.

I love these pictures of the same, small seal that swam in through a Tardis of marbled endpapers. It came. It swam. It wandered about and it ate. Then, it disappeared.


8 Replies to “Surreal of Approval”

  1. I am hunting for the LOVE button. I neeeeeeeed the love button. This photo rocks my world. I mean…the surreal magic happening in literally every square inch of the photo is so. effing. gorgeous. Love. Just love.

    1. I love him too. Thanks for letting me know it’s not just me. Don’t you feel so lucky when you are there and it is there. Magic. Thanks for teaching me too shoot at the strange.

      1. So much lucky magic we get to see because we are there and looking. Shooting at the strange–sounds like a good title for something…

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