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  1. You did so well with the animals’ eyes! Just that little spark of light. What lovely detail and character in those precious faces! And I love all the metal and wood details, too!

    1. Thanks. I don’t know why it was this, but it got by the gates of “not this” and was thus, this. This, thus, was something unexpected. As I said to Denise, you two have made me like the up close experiment. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    1. I swear I go the idea from you or Ros. Don’t know half of what you two know about this stuff and just go with the sensation. Is it supposed to feel holy? Thanks for reading and commenting.

    1. Thanks. I like to feel I’m close enough to touch the subject, but in fact these are taken with a longer lenses in the zone where beautiful and independence are in balance. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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