This is the end of two long days of family stuff—some of it good, some of it sad. So many changes they make a long, multi-branched sequence like a polymer. Today, I said goodbye to my father before he moves away. I don’t think I will see him in California again.

I’m looking for the upside, but haven’t a clue where it is yet.


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  1. So much bittersweet. But I do believe we find what we’re looking for, so it’s good that you’re looking for the upside. Here’s to the polymer life! Prayers, my friend.

  2. I didn’t realize he was moving. I know how much you treasure your time with him–and I hope you have many occasions still to visit him. Hugs across the miles to you.

  3. I understand your ambivalence over your father moving – take heart, my friend. I agree with Ros; When we seek we find. Praying the upside finds you quickly.

  4. I always picture your dad as being in Ireland! Even when he’s not!

    It’s rough closing one of life’s chapters. When I was younger, I took such changes in stride with a smile. Now I know better. Every big change has some loss.

    On the other hand, your dad is just a phone call away. And it will be kind of fun to visit him in his new digs, right?

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