Fly On the Pond

A Black-crowned night heron (Nycticorax nycticorax) looks dapper at pond side.


Mind your own business! (Looks like he fought in the Boer Wars)


A mouthy Mallard says a few choice things.


Possibly, a Marbled Godwit


“No bird is an island, ok, well maybe just this one.”


A pair of young avocets feathering out.


A Canvasback. Now ya’ see him…


…now you don’t.
Everyday, this couple goes to the pond to people watch.


This patient mother hides her baby under her wing.

18 Replies to “Fly On the Pond”

  1. Such serendipitous moments. I love the subjects caught in the water’s reflection,and the comical ones with their heads cocked quizzically toward you.

  2. These are not “snap-and-go” tourist photos, meaning you spent quiet time by the water watching and waiting with your trusty camera. I love the expressions you captured. And that Mouthy Mallard, ha.

    1. Laura, as a result of what I’ve been learning researching social media, I’ve been figuring out how to bring greater balance to my life. Being in nature is a huge part of it. I wish my family would let me take and share more pictures of them but they won’t. In lieu of that, the birds are the extended family. Thanks for your kind words.

      1. My sons and daughter-in-law are the same. When I blog about them, they roll their eyes (humoring me) but I notice the sighs. So like you, I try not to.

        Being in nature is key–I teach teens, yikes! –and for me this involves walking the neighborhood and working in the yard. Social media and writing projects will gobble up all your time and beg for more. There is no benchmark for success or even “enough.” So at times we have no choice but to stroll away, sometimes quickly!

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